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Homeowner Services

Start with a no obligation 30 minute consultation to work out how I can help.

New Clients 

30 minute consultation -free

A free 30 minute zoom consultation for all new clients.  Use this time to resolve a small issue or to find out more about another service, and how it might help before proceeding.

Property Sale 


Are you currently selling, or thinking of selling your property?  Want to make as much money as you can for as little effort as possible?   My property assessment will give you an honest appraisal of your home and provide you with

a range of suggestions to maximise your sale price.

Have you lost hours looking at taps and basins?  I can help you draft a specification of items for your renovation project to match your taste, fit your budget, save time and stress and help your project run smoothly.  

Should I


Are you considering investing in property?  I offer a one-to-one consultation service or set of downloadable documents to help you make the decision.

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